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Olympics of Geology II


Olympics of Geology II – provincial phase: University of Alicante

The past 25 of February of 2011 carried out in the University of Alicante the provincial phase of the II Olympics of Geology, with the participation of 22 students of 1º and 2º of Bachillerato, pertinent of 5 centres of Secondary Education: IES The Assumpció (Elche); IES F. Figueras Pacheco (Alicante); IES Haygón (Saint Vicente of the Raspeig); IES Luis García Berlanga (Sant Joan d’Alicante) and IES Saint Blas (Alicante).

olimpiada geología grupo

The Olympics divided in two very differentiated parts. In the first part, the students realised the proofs (theoretical and practical) that have served to proclaim the four finalists that will represent to Alicante in the Olympics National. In the theoretical proof answered to questions on the structure of the Earth, Tectonic of plates, mineral, volcanos, geomorfología, stratigraphy, palaeontology, etc., whereas in the practical proof had to identify different rocks, mineral and fossils.

The novelty of this year, compared to previous edition, consisted in the realisation of the practical proof in the Garden of Rocks of the University of Alicante. This garden, that shows big copies of pertinent rocks of all Spain, served of incomparable frame so much for the practical proof and so that the students enjoyed of the olympic day.

olimpiada geología 1

    Olimpiada geología 2

The second part of the Olympics developed in the Department of Sciences of the Earth and of the Environment of the University of Alicante, and consisted in three workshops in which showed how work usually in a Unit of Seismic Register, in a Laboratory of Petrology and in a Laboratory of Palaeontology.

The following appointment of this II Olympics of Geology will be the national phase, the next 26 of May of 2011 in the Cosmocaixa of Madrid. To her will assist the four students rewarded in this provincial phase (three finalists and an accésit) where will share the activity with students of all Spain. Also like novelty, the winners of this national edition will assist to the Olympics International of Sciences of the Earth that will celebrate in Italy.

The provincial phase of the Olimpics of Geology, organised by the Faculty of Sciences and the Department of Sciences of the Earth and of the Environment, constitutes an of the main activities that realises the Department to spread and approach the Geology to the society and, in this case, to the students of Secondary of the province. The following activity will be the Geolodía-2011, in which will devote the Sunday 8 of May to know the geology of the Cala of the Moraig (Benitatxel, Alicante) through a footpath guided with monitors.

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