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Jose Antonio Pina geological day


On November 15, 2013 took place day geological José Antonio Pina, organized by the Department of Earth Sciences and the Environment, in recognition of the work of Professor J. A. Pina has developed throughout his long academic career.

The theme of the day was the geology of the reservoir of the Amadorio, in Villajoyosa, whose travel field was excellently illustrated by the honoree himself. Guided by him, more than 30 participants had the opportunity to recognize sequences turbiditicas in deep submarine fans of age Paleogene, the carbonate formed on the margins of Iberia during the upper Cretaceous rocks and the famous k-t boundary (which separates the Cretaceous from the tertiary), which is associated with one of the older biological extinctions in the history of the Earth.

With the collaboration of Professor Antonio Estévez, documented aspects of the structural geology of the visited area, as the spectacular angular folds and the network of fractures that deform the rocks of the upper Cretaceous.

The day was cold and strong wind; This, at any time, reduced the interest of the guests.

After the field trip, the time devoted to the debate on the many geological aspects treated took place in the afternoon session, held the Paixareta restaurant, in San Vicente de el Raspeig.

As the climax of the event, the Director of the Department of the Earth Sciences delivered the day book to Professor J. A. Pina, as well as a magnificent example of quartz offered by the Mineralogic Group of Alicante.


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