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The teaching of geology without an important dedication to field activities cannot be conceived.

Geology is a natural science, and as such, reaches its maximum and best expression in direct contact with nature. Activities such as Geolodía have made clear the enormous interest among the general public. On the other hand, when training activities are organized for teachers of Biologia-geologia, field activities are those that have, by far, more demand.

However, we cared that the field containing geological activities are becoming more scarce in secondary education. For this reason we organize GEOYINCANA ALICANTE, specifically aimed at students of 4th ESO and 1º of Bachillerato. The objective is to promote geological field activities at these levels of education.

The format of the activity consists of a route on foot along the beach of San Juan and the Cabo de la Huerta, with monitors fixed in each one of the stops. Combine stops "explanatory", in which specialists help students interpret the geological characteristics of the route, with others in which students, in small teams, will have to resolve some problems and exercises. We have neither forgotten complement the itinerary with some more leisure activities, so that participants can enjoy an interesting and entertaining day.





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