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Geolodía 2015


Dear friends,

next Sunday, may 10 will host the eighth edition of the Geolodía - Alicante. On this occasion will take place in Alcoy.

We have prepared two routes:

route 1. FONT ROJA. AIMED AT THE FAMILY AUDIENCE. The building of the Red Font and its surroundings, will provide workshops "Font Roja in the five senses" which will be complemented by several geological workshops for adults and children. You can also visit seismograph that has the University of Alicante, and explain its operation.

In addition, a short route between the building of the Red Font and the Pla's mine, with several geological stops (how they have formed the mountains of Alcoy and its surroundings, why there is a spring on the Red Font, how was the sea in which were deposited rocks that now form the sierra del carrascal de la Font Roja) will be offeredthat they will be supplemented with other stops on botany, climatology, or Ethnology (the carboneras de la Font Roja).

Route 2. THE SALT-RACÓ DE SANT BONAVENTURA-CANALONS. DIRECTED to public hiking along this magnificent route around 9 km, will explain the geological characteristics of this area and the surroundings of Alcoy in about a dozen stops. Geological explanations will be complemented with others about Ethnology (mills), Botany...

IMPORTANT: During the first days of may, about a week before the Geolodía, will be sent details with the meeting places, schedules and other logistics.

We hope see you in Alcoy on Sunday May 10. Kindest regards,

the Geolodía monitors

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