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Geolodía 2011


On Sunday May 8 has held the fourth edition of Geolodía Alicante, in the Cove of the amenities (Benitatxell), 1065 registered attendees although they could be about 1200 people, since some failed to register. More than 350 vehicles accounted for by the Municipal police of Benitachell.

This year, for the first time, has been a joint in the 50 Spanish provinces Geolodía, convened by the Geological Society of Spain, the Spanish Association for the teaching of the Sciences of Earth and the geological and mining of Spain (consult the SGE web)(,

As in previous years, between 40 and 50 instructors (teachers college and secondary education, the provincial government technicians, geologists of hydrogeology and Geotechnics companies), have been distributed in a dozen stops where have made brief informative explanations. In this small tour through the environment of the Cove of the amenities, attendees have been able to know is how and when formed the Mediterranean Sea? How have the towering cliffs of the North of the province of Alicante we formed? How has formed the Cova dels Arcs or the Cove of the amenities?, among many others.

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Also, as a follow-up, several workshops of fossils and minerals for children were offered, and the technicians and researchers of the paleontological museum of Elche (display) reproduced on the beach a paleontological excavation.

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As in previous years activity has been sponsored by the Vice President for University extension and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Alicante, and organized by the Department of Earth Sciences and the environment. In addition to the above-mentioned national institutions collaborated. Municipality of Benitachell, the area of environment of the provincial Council of Alicante, the provincial Tourist Board of the Costa Blanca, the University headquarters of Benisa, Benitachell Civil protection, the FECYT, Local police and the SEDECK.

The activity served to vindicate the candidacy of the failure of the amenities as a Natural Monument of the Valencian Community:

  • For its spectacular landscape. The outcrop located immediately to the South of the Cova dels Arcs (small theme path designed by the municipality of Benitachell) is extraordinary.
  • For your interest educational and informative, as their level of fault and its stretch marks are exceptionally.
  • For scientific interest, because it is a vestige of the opening of the Mediterranean Sea and the formation of the impressive cliffs of this sector of the province.
  • And because unfortunately, only in our community, there are natural areas protected by its geological value. To this day, in May 2011, the geological heritage of our province is overlooked, little or nothing known and is barely protected. Few protected places of geological value are included in natural spaces are for another kind of natural, primarily biological values.

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