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Environment and Earth Sciences Department



Geology Olympiad

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 Earth Sciences Day



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Salvador Ordóñez receives the distinction of the Professional Union in a celebrated act in the Senate

The ex rector of the University of Alicante has been distinguished by the association that engloba to the collegiate professions to proposals of the School of Geólogos

VII Scientific Earth Day: Geology and Society


Geolodía 2017. Tabarca, 7 May



Salvador Ordoñez will receive the title of Alicante of Adoption of the Deputation

In the act, that celebrates the Saturday 6 May, recognises the path of the that was rector of the University of Alicante

Course of Geology for professors of Bachillerato

The Cefire organises a course of Geology for professors of Bachillerato in the formative Offer of the Scientific field of the second and third quarter of the course 2016/2017

Information of the course

Geoyincana 2017 Cape Las Huertas. 9 and 16 March



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Hidrogeodía 2017: Manantiales and Aqueducts by the Rambla Salty of Albatera

On 26 March it will take place Hidrogeología 2017, organised by the Department of Sciences of the Earth and of the Environment and the University Institute of the Water and Environmental Sciences, of the University of Alicante, the Department of Agroquemistry and Environment of the University Miguel Hernández and the Area of Cycle Hídrico of the Provincial Deputation


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graGEAs 2017



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Partial elections to Council of Department



Practical course seismicity 2016: The earthquakes in the classroom


Course information

Course of specialisation in ArcGIS
Dates: of 28 November to 2 December 2016
Schedule: of 16:30 to 20:30
Price 100€
The course will form to the students in the handle basic of ArcGIS Desktop 10.2©, the software SIG more extended at present. Specifically
The course covers the main extensions of ArcGIS Desktop: Arcmap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolBox and ArcScene, centring in the use and gestión of
Models of vectorial data, his relation with databases, the preparation of cartography, as well as in the use and analysis of data raster. Also
They will enter basic concepts of the representation and space analysis 3D.
It is not necessary to have previous knowledges of SIG
Course Seismicity and Seismic Risk in the Valencian Community


This course has like aim the training of the students/ace in the basic appearances of the seismology and the seismic risk as well as his implications regarding the territory of the Valencian Community in particular. Incidentally, they will tackle subjects of interest like the current Norma Sismoresistente (NCSE-02) and the current state of his review; measures of prevention and performance before, during and despues of an earthquake...

The course divides in 5 sessions of 2 hours that will give along the week of the Monday 26 October to the Friday 30 October 17:00 to 19:00

The course is free for the students that are enrolled in any of the degrees of the university of Alicante thanks to the sponsorship of the Provincial Consortium for the Service of Prevencion, Extinction of Fires and Rescue of Alicante


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